Regina König
Phone: 08821-55140
Mobil: 0151-23842653

Dear guests!

If you have any questions regarding the houses or apartment, please feel free to call me any time, also on weekends and holidays. I know all the houses and apartments offered and will be happy to advise you. Please call me anytime, also on weekends or sundays and holidays.

Simple renting by way of telephone or e-mail: You rent the desired apartment giving the day of arrival and day of departure, number of persons, age of children and whether you with to bring your pet.

Insurance of inability to travel: Please, conclude about the following Link the travel assurance directly with the assurance.

Rent confirmation: I will send you a rent confirmation; after having recieved this confirmation you are kindly requested to pay 25 % of the rental fee. The rest must be paid at the arrival.

Voucher to take over the apartment:
After having received you down payment, I will send you a voucher to take over the apartment providing following information:
- exact address of the apartment rented
- duration of the stay, number of persons, pet etc.
- amount to be paid at the arrival.

Please you consider also the AGB.

I wish you to enjoy pleasant and recreational vacation. Looking forward to your reservation.

Yours sincerely your Regina König

Renting conditions
Contractual item: I am an agent for renting vacation homes and I am entitled to conclude the lease in the name and on account of the landlords.

Conclusion of the lease: With your telephone, personal or written registration you offer the conclusion of the lease to me obligatorily. That lease get effective by my written confirmation. You commit yourself with the registration to the acknowledgment of these renting conditions and the house regulations.

Payment: After receipt of the renting confirmation a pre-payment of 25 % of the rent is to be carried out within 7 days to my account. The complete rent (payment of balance) is due with beginning of renting. Delay of payment entitles me to setting an extension, afterwards to the termination of lease. After payment of the pre-payment you will receive a voucher, with which you take over the rented vacation home from the landlord / key owner.

Obligations / Prices: To the contractual obligations apply exclusively the descriptions, illustrations and quotations in the folder valid for the renting period the vacation home should be occupied only with the number of persons and domestic animals indicated in the renting confirmation. The renting period includes the use on the journey day starting from 16 o'clock and from departure day to 10 o'clock. The tenant has to treat the renting object and the inventory as well as possible communal facilities with greatest possible care. He is obliged to immediately announce and reimburse during the renting period any damage resultet through his own or his company and guests faultor negligence.

Resignation by the customer: You can withdraw from the lease in writing or place a substitute (written information required). The flat rate claim for withdraw from the lease amounts to 10% of the rent until 30 days bevor beginning of renting. With a later resignation 10% of the rent until 30 days bevor beginning of renting the whole rent will be charged. If I succeed in finding another tenant for the same period to same conditions then only 10% will be charged.

Liability and Shortcoming: I am responsible for the proper execution of the contractual obligations. As far as no intent or rough negligence is applicable, the liability is limited on the three-times rent. In case of shortcommings you should contact me immediately. Just then I can help immediately. Any claims on warranty are to be asserted in writing to my address within one month after completion of the lease. If individual terms and conditions should be ineffective or become, thereby the effectiveness of the remaining terms and conditions does not become affected.